Clash royale Battle decks!

Yesterday I was in park with my girl Martha. It was first day of summer and the day was great. We often go for a walk together, we love that more than clubbing or cinema. We even met each other in one park and maybe that was the reason why we love to go for a walk. I love to feed the pigeons when I’m in park, she also love that and often we stay in park for whole day. That Saturday we were in park late at night. I love to be outside when night is coming, the best part of the day is always when night come. The temperature drop for few degrees and it’s much more comfortable to walk. After a hours of walking we decided to rest for a little on one bench near the river. The view was more than extraordinary, across the river was the old part of town and that was the most beautiful part

With so many lights in so many colors it was just something that you have to see in your life, stars on the sky made that view even better and the whole picture was just amazing. And then her phone rang, it was her sister, she needed some help with her baby and Martha was nurse, that’s why her sister called her. After that Martha had to leave me because her sister was needed her immediately. I was sad to hear that, but I accepted that and decided to stay there for a little bit more and enjoy the view. After few minutes some guy came and sat next to me. I noticed that he was playing some game and it seemed to me that he really have a good time while he playing it. Since I was all alone there I was decided to download that game and see would I have the same fun like that guy. The name of that game was Clash Royale. This is what I can tell you about this game. The game is fought with cards.


A card deck includes 8 cards chosen by the player to be their battle deck. The total amount of cards to be owned is 48. Cards have a rarity of common, rare, epic, and legendary. The three kinds of cards are troop, building, and spell. More cards are unlocked at each new arena, which is based on the player’s amount of trophies, which can be gained or lost in battles. Cards can be bought in Shop for Gold or unlocked in chests. A card can be upgraded with gold if a player obtains a certain number of the same card. And on the end I found one thing that I don’t like, after you spend all your gems, your progress in the game will be much slower. When that happens, you may choose or to wait for them to collect or you can pay for them with your real money. But I saw that the guy who’s sitting next to me and still playing that game have a lot of gems, I told him that he must be crazy to pay with real money for a game. He replied me that he didn’t spent a dollar on that game. He showed me one really cool tool called Clash Royale pro, with this hack he made a much faster progress. These Clash Royale cheats are free, it was easy for use and it was protected so you won’t be banned from the game.

Have you ever played MovieStarPlanet?

These days there are really a lot of funny and interesting games which present some kind of virtual worlds where the players can choose what kind of person they want to be, which popular person they want to dress up and how it feels to be a popular person. According many researches made on many different players around the world there was chosen one game behind all those virtual games as best. The game is called MovieStarPlanet and it is community where the players can chat to each other, exchange opinions, upgrade characters, go to shop and so on. This game is one of the most popular games in the category of social games. It can be played online using many different devices.

star games

How to play MovieStarPlanet?

If you want to play this game in the right way you should follow the user guide page on the official website and read the instructions there. When you start playing you will earn StarCoins and Fame in the same time you are participating in the virtual world. There are really a lot of great features which this game provide such a creating movie content, making new friends, what are you doing area, a lot of chat rooms, shops, guest book and so on.

How to cheat at MovieStarPlanet?

Honestly, sometimes is boring to do all stuff ( creating character, interacting to other players, participating in chat rooms, go to shopping and so on ) every day in order to get fame and StarCoins. It is slow process and it cannot be accepted by all of the players in the same way. That’s why some of the players are using movisestarplanet cheat and trick the other players with getting fame and starcoins very fast. This is really creative way of finding the best tips and trick for this game and using them in the right way. You can use these moviestarplanet cheats many times and always get help with them. You will stop worrying about the necessary things in this game like coins, fame, diamonds in the same time when you will start using the movisestarplanet hack generator and generate all resources with it.

interesting games

This is just one way you can play this game but there are hundreds of other different ways the same to be played. You can choose one and try to follow it in order to get higher fame and coins in the game. Twist it with your own thinking and you can get perfection in the game. You will get the popularity you will need in the game in very short time. Follow the steps and live your life in this virtual world like a real famous person without worrying about anything. Use cheat tools, hack tools or any other kind of hacks for this game and you will become a popular character in the game which will be on higher level than the other players. Add the maximum of resources for free and see how that will affect your gameplay. Remember that these tools are already used by thousands of other players around the world.

Ideal aspects to check and consider about Ourworld gem codes

There are great number of online games to choose from and one among the best in the market is considered to be Ourworld. This is a multiplayer game in which users are able to chat have fun while playing the game. There are some top quality features that you can find in the market that would help you choose the ideal type of features. some of the top quality features that you can find from playing the game would be apart from playing the game is that, you are able to find new people from various parts of the globe, send requests, create groups, send or receive gift items, mails and chat with each other and have great amount of fun. In the game, you can find more than 50 different type of activities to choose form. You can have fun completing the tasks as well if you are in mood to work and earn money. The currency in this game would be gems hence you need to collect as many gems as you can in order to get the best type of upgrades for your world. There are great type of varieties that you can choose from and one of the best to choose would be using the Ourworld codes for free.

game ourworld free codes

Choose the best Ourworld cheats from online

You can find some of the best type of Ourworld gem codes that would help you understand that aspects. You would be able to find the complete description on the game and then accordingly you can make the choice as per your needs. There are wide range of cheats and codes available for the game Ourworld to choose from. For instance, if you want to find the code that can help you get more number of gems for the game then you can use Ourworld gem code for 50 gems. This would easily help you get 50 gems into your account for free of cost and then you can make use of the same for your needs as well. Some vital benefits you can find in the market would be the aspects that you can consider in the market. You need to check out the Ourworld hack feature as it can help you learn everything that you need to know.

ourworld play for free

Also there are plenty of hacks and codes that you can check out the description in order to find the type of hack or cheat that would meet your needs as well. Find out some vital aspects that you can find in the game. Also you need to carefully choose the features of the game and then it would become easy for the selection of Ourworld gems codes. Basically having more gems would solve all other crisis and hence its ideal to choose the codes that can help you find the best type of benefits you can find in the market. Make sure to use this benefits and then gain the best possible features in the game to make it much easier.


New game of android “Clash of Kings”

Clash of Kings is an amazing new game that is available on your phone or tablet from the Google Play Store. It is free to play, however some in game items can be purchased in exchange for real life currency. It has been recently added to the App Store, but it costs $0.99 to download and play. Clash of Kings is a real time strategy game that lets you battle other players to build your massive empire and control the Seven Fantasy Kingdoms. If you enjoy playing MMOs or PVP games, then you will absolutely love Clash of Kings. You get to battle for glory and conquer your friends and enemies to survive in the this dynamic game. This game is the perfect balance between action and strategy, and it rewards large investments of time and energy. Clash of Kings has stunning graphics, and it runs smoothly on all compatible devices. You get to enjoy these wonderful graphics as you build up your large supplies of resources, which are vital to your progression in the game. You can use your resources to strengthen and design your base, which is just as important as strengthening your attacking capabilities. Player battles are fun and competitive as players wage war on each other using the large armies they have built up to try and take down their opponent’s defenses. Clash of Kings hack has been widely accepted a fun and addicting strategy game on the Google Play Store. It has received an average review of greater than four out of five stars on nearly 300,000 review by real players on the Google Play Store. Clash of Kings was even ranked within the top 10 Android Strategy games by Clash of Kings is an addicting game that is constantly being updated to keep the game running smooth, as well as adding in new and exciting features.

clash of kings

If it is taking too long to accumulate resources in Clash of Kings, then there is a hack available to gain unlimited resources. Clash of kings resources hack is really awesome,also it is easy to use,just press one button and that is all. It is online tool! This hack will allow you to rapidly grow your base and help you prepare to conquer everyone who stands in your way. This hack is very simple to use once it is downloaded and installed. All you have to do is follow the simple step by step instruction, and then you will have all the free resources that you need. This hack is highly reliable and you will not be punished by any game developers for using. Many of the top players are already using this hack, so why not you? This hack also has additional features that are very helpful in growing your base and increasing your rank. I hope this hack will be very beneficial to you as you climb to the top of the leaderboards in Clash of Kings! More cheats on warrior cheats website!

Aren’t you sick of and the way someone is able to ask you all these questions?! is a social media site in which users invite others to ask questions anonymously. The page holder can answer these questions. It was founded by two brothers in Latvia and has recently been purchased by has endured controversy regarding its site model, which critics claim can and has led to cyber-bullying, possibly contributing to a number of suicides. The site owners at that time claimed that they had been monitoring traffic and were prepared to deal with problems, but they also claimed that there was no evidence of cyber-bullying on the site, which was improbable.
The site’s owners defended the anonymity option, claiming that many of the sites members are teenagers, and they frequent this site because they need a place to ask sensitive questions without fear of being identified and singled out. Shortly before the buyout by, the site had installed upgrades, including the ability to disable the ask feature and to block a user sending malicious questions and report that user to admin.
According to BBC News (, the site’s new owner, has pledged to eliminate cyber-bullying from the site by investing millions of dollars into technology that will combat malicious behavior. These planned upgrades and changes to the site may threaten its popularity. The owners of had been concerned that the controversy was a threat to their brand and had considered legal action against, but they decided to take a different route and purchase the site due to its popularity.
The anonymity of those asking questions puts them at an advantage because they can send hurtful, offensive, or deeply inappropriate questions without being identified. While admin may block a user’s IP address, the user could find another avenue to the internet and continue the harassment. However, claims 180 million users with thousands joining every day, thus due to this popularity, cyber-bullying may not be very widespread, but it needs to be addressed.
There are online sites offering various hacks for that can track and discover the identity of other users. They are also known as trackers or anonymous finders. These sites claim to be providing a public service by threatening the anonymity of malevolent users. If they can be identified, they may hesitate to post dysfunctional content, and if they chose to continue with the malicious behavior, the tracker can help deal with that cyber-bully. anonymous finder

An tracker can discover the username and IP address of someone posting questions to the user’s profile page. This may prove somewhat useless as usernames and IP addresses will not fully identify the user. They would not discover the person’s actual name or even their location without additional effort.
While some users claim that a particular anonymous finder does work, others argue that identifying a user through a username and IP address is not worth the trouble, and a better course of action would be to report the unacceptable content to admin, which will locate the cyber-bully and deal with the problem. They also challenge the usefulness of hacks because anonymity is the site’s core value, and a threat would be addressed. admin would only have to augment the site’s own code and that would render the hack ineffective.
Other users profess that the use of hacks threatens the existence of, a site they often frequent and enjoy. If programs exist that expose user identities, millions of users will delete their profiles in favor of another social network site, and as a result, will cease operation.

Should you really play games when you are sick?

Answer is,”If you want to”. There is nothing bad at playing games if you think it will make you feel better. For example my favorite game when I’m sick is head soccer.


Head soccer




The Android app Head Soccer has been a favorite of mine since the day it came out. I quickly downloaded it knowing that the unique shots such as dragon shoot, lightning shoot, and ice shoot would make this soccer game unique and exciting.

I was extremely pleased when I found how easy the controls were to use. It is easy enough for my eight-year-old daughter to play, which was a big score on mom-points because of her recent soccer obsession. I also enjoy how Head Soccer allows me to play with other people through the game center; this way I can have endless fun with endless amounts of people.

The one downfall I had with this game was knowing that if I wanted extra perks, I would have to buy them as in-app purchases. Because I wanted this free game to remain free, I went on the search for a high quality and user friendly Head Soccer hack .

That’s when I stumbled upon With this hack I can easily and effortlessly add unlimited points. If you know anything about this game, you know that points are used to unlock the different characters. Unlimited points means access to ALL of the characters, which is a super plus in my book.

I now swear by this hack. It does exactly what it says it will, giving all perks with no pain. Head Soccer is much more enjoyable now that I can have unlimited points through a secure, trustworthy website. Everyone who plays Head Soccer should definitely use this simple and rewarding hack to get the most out of this spectacular game.

Is gaming bad for your health?

Short answer:Yes. If you play games to much you will for sure have bed health. I am not a doctor or expert and I am doing this just for fun,I don’t earn from writing this articles,few people even read my texts,by hey,I do feel nice when I wrote something that can help somebody in some  case. Gaming it self is not bad for your health. All games are some,doesn’t matter if that is Far cry 4 for PC,boom beach for android, or just some gaming over browser,it really doesn’t matter,because they if you spend too much time gaming every day,it is bad for your spine,and for other parts of your body. We are not talking about health in gaming,if you want to learn more about that,in that case please visit wikipedia . If you sit for like 8 hours every day and just play games,of course that is not good. Your spine will gone bad,you need to walk,ro exercise,do some sports etc.
If you are on a job and you don’t have a choice at least try and walk like 5 minutes every hour or so. This should really help you. Also there is radiation that comes from computer but this is insignificantand you get more radiation from your phone. Anyway,you should not game all day,a little bit is ok,but don’t do it all day. Gamers are not real people,and they don’t live in real world! Thank you for reading my first post!